All public servants in a leadership role including Cabinet ministers will ensure that policies and procedures are properly followed in their ministries and departments; and they will accept personal responsibility for any negligence on their part if those policies are not carried out.

Transparency and Disclosure

Public sector tenders and spending will be audited and monitored by private sector auditors and relevant community organisations; and taxpayers will have the right to receive full information on how their money is being spent, including independent contract performance assessments and payments to stakeholders.


Relevant laws and procedures will be properly followed and applied by all public sector employees; private sector representatives will work with Chapter 9 institutions to ensure that this happens.


Government representatives will be true public servants and will put the interests of the communities they represent and serve before their own; all private business activities will be declared and will only be allowed if there is no conflict of interest whatsoever.


Government employees will commit themselves to a code of ethical behaviour; and violations will be firmly dealt with.


Public sector decision-makers will be regularly assessed by external agencies to ensure that they acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties properly; and appointment processes will be strictly followed and independently monitored.


The people will be consulted as much as possible and in advance on all matters that significantly affect their lives by means of the internet, referendums, commissions and representation on public sector boards.

"These fundamental principles of good governance honour the memory of Bafana Frans Mahlangu, past Principal Executive Officer of the Mineworkers Provident Fund. As a result of standing up for what he knew was right, in exposing the Living Hands debacle which deprived thousands of underprivileged widows and orphans of their only means of survival, he lost his job and ultimately his life. His spirit will give us strength."