Ke nako - it is time that ordinary citizens told all our leaders that 'enough is enough'.

07 August 2018


Reading and listening to the daily news in South Africa at the moment can cause both depression and optimism: depression because the news about corruption and abuse of power by our politicians and public sector leaders never stops; and optimism because we are still able to read and hear what is going on thanks to the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press as enshrined in our Constitution.

Our ability as ordinary people to express our views has been dramatically enhanced by social media platforms and radio talk shows. Fortunately, many people – journalists, commentators on social media and the general public - exercise that right every day which means that we are not easily fooled by deliberate propaganda that only presents points of view which protect the political elite. It is not possible for politicians to hide their devious activities for ever in South Africa; the truth comes out eventually, as we have seen dramatically since the Nkandla saga broke in 2014, triggering an ongoing investigation into what emerged as the whole story of state capture.

Most importantly, we are not locked up, tortured and removed for saying how we feel and for telling what we know, at least for now. However, there are strong forces at work behind the scenes and we should not automatically assume that these liberties will be there for ever.

But our most valuable weapon in defending ourselves against exploitation by the politicians is our personal right to vote in a climate of relatively free and fair elections. Ten times since 1994 democratic elections at both national and municipal level have been held in South Africa. Each time the result has been sufficiently accepted for the government processes to continue to operate through parliament and our provincial and municipal legislatures. Even when the ruling party at the time has lost its majority, the system has continued notwithstanding attempts to undermine the process by unhappy politicians who have for the first time found themselves in opposition.

This is such a precious piece of our social and political structure and we should never take it for granted. We have an example of the opposite of this in neighbouring Zimbabwe where the police have continued to step in to protect the ruling elite rather than protect ordinary citizens despite claims that the recent elections would be freer and fairer than they have been for many decades.

The ‘NEW SOUTH AFRICA’ Party intends to protect these precious rights by promoting “honest and transparent government for the people and by the people”, the first important principle in its Vision Statement. We will do everything possible to give ordinary citizens hope that they can change their lives for the better by exercising their vote and electing a government that will act in their best interests.

It is vital for ourselves and our country that we do this in 2019. It is time that we told all our politicians how many of us are feeling: that they should be there to serve us, we are not here to serve them. We want to read and hear positive stories about crime prevention, job creation, quality education and good governance in the public sector. We want to be able to hope that our future will be better and that our children will have better lives than we may have had.

This will only happen if we exercise our right to vote and support a party that will govern according to principles rather than just promises and is committed to serve and deliver. That party is the ‘NEW SOUTH AFRICA’ Party which carries no baggage of corruption or discrimination. The ‘NEW SOUTH AFRICA’ Party is only interested in finding solutions to the enormous challenges we face as a nation so that everyone can have hope of a better life.

We all need to vote responsibly in 2019 for real change. It is time for a new political era in South Africa with a new political party, the ‘NEW SOUTH AFRICA’ Party.

Ke nako!


Peter van Ryneveld

What can you do?

These ideas and the creation of a forum for discussion and action through the Party website and social media are a contribution to the absolutely critical debate we all need to have about the way forward for South Africa.

But change cannot be achieved alone and I am appealing to like-minded people out there to support this movement and its principles and to give the NEW SOUTH AFRICA PARTY a mandate through the ballot box. The country badly needs your support, your voice and in particular your vote at this crucial time in our history to create a more just society and build the winning nation that would have made Madiba very happy and proud.

What can you do about all of this that will cost you nothing? You can

  • visit the Party website and read the Manifesto, News articles and Constitution
  • make your comments and “like” what you read on social media
  • click to support our Good Governance Principles
  • volunteer to assist the Party in your field of expertise and interest
  • tell your friends about the NEW SOUTH AFRICA PARTY by passing on these articles
  • take an interest in what is going on in our country
  • above all, CAST YOUR VOTE for what you believe is best for you and for South Africa.